Established in 2009, Complete College America is a bold national advocate for dramatically increasing college completion rates and closing equity gaps by working with states, systems, institutions, and partners to scale highly effective structural reforms and promote policies that improve student success. 


CCA envisions a nation where all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or familial educational achievement, have equal opportunities to access and complete a college education or credential of value because postsecondary institutions, policy makers, and systems of higher education welcome, invest in, and support these students through and to an on-time completion. 


The need for this work is compelling. Between 1970 and 2009, undergraduate enrollment in the United States more than doubled, while the completion rate has been virtually unchanged. We’ve made progress in giving students from all backgrounds access to college – but we haven’t finished the all-important job of helping them achieve a degree. Counting the success of all students is an essential first step. And then we must move with urgency to reinvent American higher education to meet the needs of the new majority of students on our campuses, delicately balancing the jobs they need with the education they desire.

Complete College America believes there is great reason for optimism … and a clear path forward. With a little more support – and a lot of common sense – we can ensure that many more people get the high-quality college education that will help them live productive and fulfilling lives. All Americans will share in the benefits of their success.

Strategic Plan

Read the Complete College America 2019 – 2022 strategic plan here.


Through research, advocacy, and technical assistance, we help states put in place the six Game Changers that will help all students succeed in college:

Members of our Alliance have pledged to take bold actions to (1) significantly increase the number of students successfully completing college and achieving degrees and credentials with value in the labor market and (2) close attainment gaps for traditionally underrepresented populations.

Contact Your Strategy Director

CCA’s Strategy Directors are a go-to resource for Alliance members supporting student success. Please reach out with questions, ideas or requests for support.

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For more information about positions, feel free to contact jobs@completecollege.org or call (317) 829-0483.
Current opportunities:

Director, Research & Evaluation

As Complete College America celebrates its tenth year of service and support to its 47-member Alliance, policymakers, and the higher education community, CCA is doubling down on its commitment to its data, research and evaluation capacities by hiring a national Director of Research & Evaluation. Toward this end, CCA is seeking a senior level research and evaluation professional who brings strategic leadership, trusted and credible research publications and processes, and adeptness with relationship building and collaboration to fill this role. For more information and to apply, click here.


CCA Fellows

CCA Fellows are a select group of the Alliance’s most respected and accomplished content experts and thought partners. As leaders in their respective areas, they have dedicated themselves to student success, embracing bold reform and implementing CCA's Game Changer strategies. They work closely with CCA, sharing their knowledge with the Alliance, and come together to confront and overcome higher education's greatest challenges.