CCA’s sprawling network of higher-ed reformers is reshaping the college experience, which means more college degrees and meaningful credentials for tens of thousands of students across the country.


How We Drive Impact

CCA believes the most effective way to increase graduation rates is to help colleges and universities re-shape their policies, perspectives, and practices. But our ultimate goal is to increase economic opportunity, social mobility, and racial justice.

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  • CCA helped drive policy in many states, including Georgia where the Complete College Georgia initiative has nearly doubled on-time graduation rates for community college students.
  • CCA policy work and data sharing, especially around measures like time-to-degree and credits-to-degree, have influenced financial-aid formulas, helping students afford full-time attendance and ultimately leading to jumps in on-time graduation rates.
  • Indiana saw a 30 percent increase in bachelors, associate, and certificate attainment after working with CCA to introduce incentives to promote full-time students taking 15 credits per semester along with policies requiring degree mapping and credit caps.
  • Thanks to CCA advocacy, legislation like the Complete College Tennessee Act requires that institutions be evaluated on student success metrics rather than enrollment.
  • CCA’s 2015 testimony to the United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions highlighted the urgency of addressing our nation’s college completion crisis through proven strategies including Corequisite Support and 15 to Finish/Stay on Track.

The collaboration CCA fosters is critical to the student success movement. The ideas and data shared through the CCA Alliance empower policy leaders to garner the support of their peers, institutions, and communities.

Joe Garcia

Chancellor, Colorado Community College System, Former Lt. Governor of Colorado



  • Partnered with the National Governors Association to create Common Completion Metrics—a standardized approach to data that served as a precursor to the Postsecondary Partnership.
  • CCA’s Common Completion Metrics prompted the University of Hawaii to create the first 15 to Finish/Stay on Track campaign, which CCA then helped scale to hundreds of institutions.
  • Led the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s $10 million Completion Grant Challenge, which spurred innovative strategies to increase graduation rates, then scaled those tactics at institutions across the country.
  • CCA’s Guided Pathways for Success report spearheaded the pathways movement, providing clear next steps needed to act on this national imperative.
  • Advocated for the replication of Corequisite Support and Math Pathways across the nation, working with multiple states to create the conditions for change required to implement the strategies at scale.
CCA Launches New Report on Corequisite Support: No Room for Doubt

CCA Launches New Report on Corequisite Support: No Room for Doubt

CCA's latest report details a decade of data on the effectiveness of corequisite support and new insights on how to implement and scale.

April 6, 2021
Better Data, Better Decisions: The Power of the Postsecondary Data Partnership

Better Data, Better Decisions: The Power of the Postsecondary Data Partnership

November 10, 2020
Alliance Highlights
Creating a Culture of Completion

Creating a Culture of Completion

CCA's episodic report celebrates the history of the organization and the work of the Alliance Members that have pushed to make change for students across the country.

November 18, 2018



  • In the last five years, the CUNY system—a leading CCA Alliance member—experienced a 70% increase in on-time graduation rates for two-year colleges, and a 20% increase in credential attainment across the system.
  • Through advising innovations and guided-pathways-based reforms, Georgia State University increased its graduation rate by 23 points under the leadership of CCA Fellow Tim Renick.
  • West Virginia quadrupled the number of students passing college-level introductory Math following the implementation of Corequisite Support.
  • With the ongoing support of CCA, Colorado has more than doubled its on-time completion rate for its community college students thanks to reforms ranging from tech-enabled pathways to curricular innovations.


the number of West Virginia students passing college-level introductory Math following the implementation of Corequisite Support


increase in graduation rates at Georgia State University under the leadership of CCA Fellow Tim Renick

Our Alliance

Our Alliance is made up of forward-thinking states, consortia, partners and experts working together to transform systems and improve college completion across the country.

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