The path to a degree or credential can feel more like a winding road than a straight line. Many students struggle to navigate their way to a degree because of unclear course sequences, scheduling challenges, or narrowly tailored majors that leave little room for choice.

Source: Complete College America

Source: Complete College America

Source: National Center for Education Statistics


Math Pathways

Identify the appropriate gateway math course that is aligned with the skills students need for their chosen program of study.

Meta Majors

Provide students with opportunities to explore related programs of study that allow them to make more informed and deliberate decisions about their majors, while making progress towards their degrees.

Academic Maps & Milestones

Delineate the path to graduation and highlight significant milestones that contribute to student success in a clear and comprehensive format.

Smart Schedules

Design schedules that contribute to degree progression and meet the needs of all students. 

Stackable Certificates & Credentials

Create competency-driven structures that encourage lifelong learning and attainment of degrees of value.

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