We believe transformation requires all elements of a system to work together to achieve a new normal. When evolving practices are reinforced by new perspectives and smarter policy, they are more likely to take root and lead to lasting change. We work with state systems and colleges and universities to evaluate and align these elements in service to more equitable outcomes for students.

  • Policy: Are our policies creating the right incentives? What barriers can we remove? Are we funding the right priorities?
  • Perspective: What attitudes and beliefs are holding us back? Are we challenging ourselves to see our work in new ways?
  • Practices: Are we following best practice as we design programs, courses, and student supports? Where do we need to improve how we serve students?
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Create a shared transformation agenda for your state, system, or consortia.

Process & Services

  • 1. Identify Challenges & Opportunities
  • 2. Convene & Equip a Diverse Team
  • 3. Rally Around a Shared Vision
  • 4. Create an Action Plan
  • 5. Implement & Refine
  • Using data as our foundation, we identify barriers to equitable student outcomes and work with leadership to define a clear case for institutional transformation.

    Tailored Offerings

    • Analyze system and institutional data to identify challenges and inequities
    • Review system and institutional policies to understand their impact on student outcomes
    • Conduct a readiness assessment to determine if your state system or institution is ready to begin the transformation process

    We assemble system-wide teams of higher education leaders and help them lead change efforts guided by data and a deep understanding of their state and its institutions.

    Tailored Offerings

    • Identify influential stakeholders capable of leading transformation efforts
    • Host partner convenings to bring the right people around the table as we set the agenda for change
    • Provide leadership development trainings to strengthen the capacity of individuals at the forefront of new efforts

    We help project participants identify a collective vision for success, then craft a plan to prompt action from their peers in pursuit of a shared commitment.

    Tailored Offerings

    • Deliver keynote addresses and provide expert testimony with the goal of aligning key stakeholders
    • Create case-making presentations that can be used to build support for transformation efforts
    • Design and implement communications strategies that invite stakeholders to help us achieve a shared vision

    We provide a clear framework to guide implementation and bring in content experts from across our network to support the development of detailed action plans.

    Tailored Offerings

    • Lead strategic planning sessions with system and institutional teams to align time, resources, and key activities
    • Host strategy design workshops where we work with teams to tailor best practices to their specific context

    We provide a clear framework to guide implementation and bring in content experts from across our network to support the development of detailed action plans.

    Tailored Offerings

    • Create and manage communities of practice responsible for implementing new policies, perspectives, and practices
    • Implement new policy changes in partnership with system and institutional leadership
    • Use data to continuously evaluate progress and make adjustments



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    By partnering together, we can bring your institutional leaders together with policymakers and higher education experts to create a shared transformation agenda. By aligning stakeholders who often work in silos, we’ll unlock powerful change. Let’s get started.

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