If given the chance, more than one in three college graduates say they would choose a different major. Given the overwhelming number of choices and relatively little guidance provided by most colleges, it’s easy to understand why. Uninformed decisions about a course of study can lead students to “spin their wheels,” leading them to accumulate excess credits, extend their time to degree, or stop out altogether.

Source: New America

Source: Inside Higher Ed

Source: Inside Higher Ed


First-Year Experience

Develop structures to connect students with resources that foster their academic and career goals.

Career Exploration

Make information on careers readily available to all students, empowering them to make informed decisions about programs of study that meets their skills, aptitudes, and aspirations.

Academic & Career Alignment

Create a clear connection between learning taking place in the classroom and the competencies associated with careers.

Adult Learner Engagement

Proactively communicate the value of a higher education degree to address the unique needs and goals of adults.

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