The Postsecondary Data Partnership helps states and institutions understand data and turn it into action—making it a vital tool to ensure more students complete college.


The National Student Clearinghouse’s Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) is a nationwide effort to help colleges and universities gain a fuller picture of student progress and outcomes, meet various reporting requirements, and identify where to focus their resources. The partnership is dedicated to the idea that easier access to better data helps higher education professionals develop actionable insights and make informed decisions to support student success.

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Read our latest report digging into the shortcomings of current data efforts and how the PDP provides the actionable information needed to drive states’ and institutions’ completion and equity goals. Sections include:

  • The Problem: Way Too Many Educated Guesses
  • The Consequence: Stalled Improvement Efforts
  • The Solution: A National Data Platform Focused on Student Outcomes
  • The Commitment: Participation in the PDP
  • FAQ

Report Cover: Better Data, Better Solutions


Better Data for Better Decisions: How HBCUs Can Use the Postsecondary Data Partnership to Unleash Data-Driven Decision-Making at Your College.

Webinar presented by CCA, Frontier Set HBCU Intermediary, SACSCOC, & UNCF

PDP and the CCA Alliance

From Corequisite Support to 15 to Finish, CCA has always used data to help our Alliance members advance strategies proven to have a lasting impact. With Alliance members’ participation in PDP, we will be even better equipped to support them as they partner with institutions to change policy, create conditions for change, and implement targeted strategies. With access to a state’s PDP dashboard, the CCA team will be able to review critical data needed to support state leaders as they evaluate their progress, identify strategies to pursue, implement solutions, and assess the efficacy of those solutions.

If your institution is participating in the PDP and is located in a Complete College America Alliance state, system or region, please identify CCA as a partner on your National Student Clearinghouse documents.

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