Complete College America is proud to partner with Acadeum to offer our Alliance the opportunity to share online courses to support student success and progression.

Course Sharing supports the effective implementation of CCA Strategies

15 to Finish/Stay on Track → Support credit accumulation for students even when courses are not offered at home institution in specific term or at available time.

Smart Scheduling → Allow flexibility for students to enroll in courses based on their availability (night, weekend, 8-week term, late start).

Academic Maps → Keep students on track even when courses are not offered or when students need to re-take course.

Proactive Advising → Provide same semester opportunity for students who had to drop or withdraw from a course to stay on track.

Math Pathways → Allow to expand curriculum to offer math course most appropriate to student’s program of study.

Equity → Open opportunities for all students to access courses they need, when they need them, regardless of geographical or financial constraints.

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How can Course Sharing help CCA’s Alliance?

Meet students’ needs for specific courses when local course scheduling is a challenge
Access courses to complete curricula for fields of study, pathways, and credentials
Redirect low-enrolled courses
Support new certificate and degree programs
Manage teach-outs
Fill open course seats
Generate new revenue for your institution

How is Course Sharing different than transfer courses?

Credits earned in course-sharing courses count toward part or full-time status
Financial aid and grades apply
Institutions innovate and collaborate
Students stay connected to their home institution even when their home institution is not able to meet their specific course

What is the Financial Model?

The course share payment processing model ensures that both Home Institutions and Teaching Institutions financially benefit from course sharing.

Home Institutions typically charge their normal per-credit-hour price which allows them to generate incremental revenue.

Home Institutions manage all aspects of student billing and accounts receivable, and Teaching Institutions are able to capture a discounted fee in what would otherwise be an empty seat in an ongoing course.

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