Since its inception, CCA has relied on the expertise of national, state and institutional leaders to both inform the development and implementation of CCA’s strategies among the CCA Alliance.

The cadre of content experts built by CCA is made up of leaders who led and/or implemented CCA Game Changers in their state, region or at their institution. The content experts bring a valuable institutional and state perspective that, in most cases, CCA staff cannot replicate. Content experts have presented at CCA Annual Convenings, worked with Alliance and institutional teams at CCA Planning Academies and been deployed to the field to provide deeper, customized implementation support. The CCA content experts and CCA Fellows are some of the most well-known experts in college completion and are highly valued by our Alliance members, as evidenced by the consistently stellar reviews they receive in the evaluation of CCA events where they have a prominent role.

Preferred Qualifications

The CCA content experts are a key element of the CCA brand. As a result, CCA has made a substantial investment in the content expert program to achieve its goals. To be selected to be a CCA content expert an individual must:

  • Support the mission of the organization to eliminate institutional performance gaps by transforming institutional policies and practices;
  • Have developed and/or implemented a policy or game changer strategy at scale at the state, system, or institutional level;
  • Be able to demonstrate that the implementation of the policy or strategy resulted in dramatic improvements in student success, particularly for minoritized populations;
  • Possess superior communication skills and are comfortable presenting to large, diverse audiences.

Special consideration will be given to candidates who have promoted CCA’s strategies at minority-serving institutions, institutions serving a significant percentage of Black, Latinx, or Indigenous students, or who are a member of a minoritized group.


Activities as Content Expert

While the role of CCA content experts to advance college completion by sharing their expertise remains constant, the activities undertaken by content experts vary greatly by project, strategy, location, and format. Content experts might be expected to:

  • Share expertise through in-person or virtual presentations, interviews, or webinars
  • Host and/or present a webinar on strategy or relevant research
  • Conduct workshop on policy or strategy
  • Showcase how equity can be interwoven in existing practices
  • Develop presentation materials for CCA events, including slides, artifacts, and graphs
  • Provide professional development to CCA staff members and fellow content experts through workshop or training (e.g. equity training, effective presentation skills, etc)
  • Present recent findings or research to CCA staff members about relevant topic to college completion (e.g. food insecurity, financial aid modification, federal policies, etc)
  • Conduct research to advance the advocacy of a strategy
  • Write a blog or white paper associated with a strategy
  • Provide resources or content for the CCA web platform
  • Serve as a thought partner to define CCA strategy and/or point of view
  • Act as external evaluator for a grant
  • Serve as a consultant to state, system, or institution for duration of a project
  • Facilitate roundtable discussions on a variety of topics associated with content of expertise


As CCA recently unveiled its new strategy framework, content experts in some of the newer strategies will be needed. CCA encourages interested professionals to complete the application below to be considered for the position.

If you have served as a content expert in the past, please follow this link to update your information

If you would like to nominate someone as a content expert, please follow this link.

Content Expert Application

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Strategies

  • Discuss the role you played in the implementation process and share relevant results.
  • How does equity feature in your effort to implement strategies?
  • Please note that CCA reserves the right to use any document uploaded.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
    • If relevant, describe your role in national organizations (professional or non-profit) and whether you are or have acted as a content expert in the past.
    • Upload a short (5-7 minutes) video where you provide an overview of your work relevant to one of the selected strategies. The video can be of you giving a presentation in front of a live audience, over Zoom, or of a PowerPoint with voice over. For help with adding voice over PPt, you can consult
      Max. file size: 50 MB.
    • If using Twitter, provide your Twitter handle (account starting with @).
    • If using LinkedIn, provide the link to your profile.