In Colorado Rises: Advancing Education and Talent Development, Colorado identifies four strategic goals that will help accelerate progress and fulfill a commitment to the state, that by 2025, 66 percent of the adult population will attain postsecondary credentials aligned with their interests, equipping them for success. Four strategic goals make this plan actionable:

#1 INCREASE CREDENTIAL COMPLETION: This first goal reiterates the importance of increasing credentials to meet workforce needs.

#2 ERASE EQUITY GAPS: Colorado’s largest and fastest-growing ethnic group, Hispanic/Latino, has the lowest average educational attainment and the lowest college enrollment rate of any ethnic group in the state. Success in meeting the statewide goal hinges on improving all students’ completion in colleges and universities in the state.

#3 IMPROVE STUDENT SUCCESS: This goal encompasses innovative approaches to improve students’ timely completion.

#4 INVEST IN AFFORDABILITY AND INNOVATION: Citizens must recognize that it is in Colorado’s best interest to maintain affordability through increased state investment.