When Complete College America was established 13 years ago by our visionary founder, Stan Jones, Stan and his team boldly challenged the status quo in higher education. By taking a close look at the data and counting all students, CCA showed that once students enrolled, the vast majority of them encountered structures and systems that were not set up to meet their needs.

Learning & Leading shows how CCA used those findings to change the conversation and focus on fundamentally transforming higher education to be student centered. In the process, CCA and our Alliance members built a movement that highlighted the need for change and focused on finding practical solutions to increase college completion for all students.

The report highlights how we are now building on that work and the lessons we have learned to lead and expand the college completion movement by implementing evidence-based strategies to transform systems and institutions. It details our growing impact and theory of change as well as how we plan to implement that theory through our strategic priorities.

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Learning & Leading reflects on CCA’s ground-breaking work to establish the college completion movement and lays out CCA’s agenda for continuing to grow the movement and transform systems and institutions so that higher education can serve as an engine of equity, prosperity, and hope.

Learning & Leading Annual Report

Learning & Leading Annual Report


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CCA has been at the forefront of transforming higher education to increase college completion and center equity through a focus on the intersection of policy, practice, and perspective. If you’re ready to learn from your peers and help them learn from you, or if you are looking for support on how you can craft equity-driven policy at your institution, system, or state —contact CCA today.

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