Successful higher education systems are student centered and constantly improving. They also are committed to addressing long-standing policies, perspectives, and practices that—intentionally or not— marginalize BILPOC students, students from under-resourced families, and others who were not well served by their earlier education. (BILPOC students are those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and/or People of Color.)
No Middle Ground helps colleges assess their practices so they can find ways to improve—to identify inequities, address them, and bring everyone at the college into this essential work. Colleges must be bold to do this work effectively because every action either advances the cause of equity or further entrenches inequities. There is no middle ground.

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No Middle Ground provides a guide for incorporating equity into CCA’s evidence-based strategies for college completion.  The report outlines the importance of language and intentionality in creating programs and policies to disrupt dysfunctional systems and pave the way for all students to complete college. Sections include:
  • Why is CCA Focusing on Equity:  Successful higher education systems are committed to addressing long-standing policies that marginalize certain students.
  • How Do Colleges Address Equity:  How do colleges examine current policies and practices to improve outcomes for students who have been historically excluded?
  • Why Should Your College Focus on Equity: An overview of reasons to inspire change is provided to explain why the status quo is unacceptable.
  • Advancing Equity Through Practice: A detailed guide outlining practices that are essential for higher education systems that want to be student centered and equity-focused.

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No Middle Ground: Advancing Equity through Practice

No Middle Ground: Advancing Equity through Practice

June 16, 2022

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It is time for higher education to disrupt dysfunctional systems and pave the way for all students to complete college.  By insisting on equity, institutions ensure that every student–in particular, those who have been historically excluded- has the career opportunities and life benefits available to those who hold degrees and other credentials of value.  To accomplish our collective goals, there can be No Middle Ground.
If you’re ready to learn from your peers– and help them learn from you– contact CCA’s strategy directors today, and we’ll guide your next steps in implementing college completion strategies with equity in mind.

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