Momentum Pathways

CCA is proud to launch the new Metro Momentum Pathways Project in partnership with the ECMC Foundation to help the Metro Milwaukee Region and its postsecondary institutions scale a core set of evidence-based strategies proven to close equity gaps and generate significant gains in college completion rates.

The project will facilitate collaboration across institutions, building toward fully transferable pathways among partnering institutions to eliminate transfer-related credit-loss and reduce the time and cost to degree.

CCA recognizes that its organizational mission to dramatically improve postsecondary attainment rates and close achievement gaps intersects well with the mission of metro regions like Metro Milwaukee to grow its economy and create upward mobility for its citizens. CCA will work with institutions that serve large numbers of low-income, place-bound students and students of color and help these institutions achieve significantly better outcomes.


Momentum Pathways Strategies

  • 15 to Finish

    15 to Finish

    Boost the number of students who are on track for on-time graduation by encouraging enrollment in 15 credits each semester (30 credits per year, including summers). Financial aid dollars, as well as institutional process and practice, should support that standard. Read more.

  • Math Pathways

    Math Pathways

    Ensure all students enroll in and complete gateway math in their first year by designing math courses that are aligned with the skills students need for their chosen program of study. Read more. 

  • Corequisite Support

    Corequisite Support

    Increase gateway course completion within the first year by enrolling entering students into the college-level math and English courses, providing those who need additional help a concurrent course or lab that offers just-in-time academic support. Read more.

  • Momentum Year

    Momentum Year

    Build early momentum so students meet key, first-year benchmarks: informed choice of a meta major or major, enrollment in 30 credits, completion of nine credits in the program of study and completion of gateway math and English requirements. Provide early support and guidance that empower decision making, including the use of interest assessments and labor-market data. Read more.

  • Academic Maps with Proactive Advising

    Academic Maps with Proactive Advising

    Default students onto highly-structured academic maps that lay out a semester-by-semester plan toward on-time completion. Design maps to include 15 credits per semester (or 30 per year), indicate milestone and pre-requisite courses, and empower advisors to effectively monitor progress and provide intervention as needed. Read more.

In-State Leadership Meeting 11/2/2018


Institutional Leads will begin to develop a case statement that will demonstrate the need for the strategies, using data and other evidence. The case statement will also identify clear goals for the project, be used to prepare key stakeholders, and be used to secure additional funding and philanthropic support.


Action Summit 2/5/2019


The Project Team and Institutional Leads will host the event, which is designed to engage, educate and empower Institutional Teams. Institutional Teams will learn about the Momentum Pathways process and key strategies. They will engage with their Institutional Teams, as well as individuals with similar roles from other institutions, and will begin working on a draft implementation plan.


Supporting Students and Dismantling Non-Academic Barriers to Success


Panel discussion from the 2018 CCA Annual Convening about creating supports to address the non-academic barriers to student success like food insecurity and child care.

Planning Academy 5/7/2019 - 5/8/2019


The Planning Academy is a two-day event that brings together Institutional Teams, each with an assigned facilitator, to refine implementation plans for each strand of the Momentum Pathways project. Each Academy is customized to meet the unique needs of the project site.

More details coming soon.