Using a Measurement System to Strengthen Student Success Reforms 

Guidebook and Tools for Data Management and the Postsecondary Data Partnership 

Measurement systems give colleges a structure for collecting, sharing, and acting on data. This guidebook and tools help faculty, staff, college leadership, and policymakers understand and use measurement systems—and specifically use data to improve completion rates, close institutional performance gaps, and facilitate economic mobility for historically excluded students.  


The guidebook and accompanying tools are intended for a college team, but anyone in higher education who wants to use data to drive their decision-making can benefit from using them. These resources are relevant to college systems and, depending on a state’s setup, state agencies. 

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The Using A Measurement System guidebook and tools can help your college harness data so you can:   

  • Know whether your college is meeting its student success mission;  
  • Identify institutional performance gaps;  
  • Develop and assess the impact of specific strategies, innovative projects, and ongoing operations;  
  • Use data to inform decisionmaking; and  
  • Share information—and the power to make data-informed decisions—with everyone at your college so everyone can play a role in improvement efforts. 


Download the Using a Measurement System Workbook

The Using a Measurement System Excel workbook is a companion for the guidebook. It includes a sheet for each of the guidebook’s tool. As you complete each tool, your responses will automatically populate future tools and a master tab that you can use as the basis of your college’s measurement system. 

Using a Measurement System to Strengthen Student Success Reforms

Using a Measurement System to Strengthen Student Success Reforms


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