INDIANAPOLIS, IN, January 9, 2019 – Leadership at Complete College America announced today that the organization is the recipient of nearly $1.5 million through an Intermediaries for Scale grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation has identified a dozen organizations, known as the Intermediaries for Scale, that will work with diverse partners to serve colleges and universities that are working to meet the needs of students in new and innovative ways. The Intermediaries for Scale grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will help CCA play a vital role in guiding institutions through this evolution.

Historically, CCA has developed key programs and roadmaps to help institutions cultivate stronger and more inclusive completion outcomes. With the grant, CCA plans to expand the reach of its direct support to its Alliance of 47 states, consortia, and the colleges and universities with whom it partners. This will include improving the implementation of a suite of ‘Game Changer’ strategies that create comprehensive structures and pathways to help students finish their degrees and reach their personal and professional goals, especially those institutions serving the most minoritized student populations.

“We are delighted to be the recipient of one of the Intermediaries for Scale grants,” said CCA President Dr. Yolanda Watson Spiva. “With this support, we will have entirely new opportunities to bring institutions together to share best practices and cultivate interventions that expand our capacity to drive change and create stronger, more inclusive outcomes for students.”

The Intermediaries for Scale grant will also support CCA’s efforts to grow the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP)—a nationwide data hub designed to help institutions evaluate their own services and completion strategies to improve student outcomes. The collection and distribution of this data is critical to creating a more equitable higher education system, and institutions supported by CCA will have unprecedented access to contribute and use data from dozens of participating institutions.

Over the next two years, CCA will provide regular updates on the development, selection and expansion of its cohort of supported institutions. To learn more about the Intermediaries for Scale Cohort, visit the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website here and please continue checking back for updates.