Established in 2009, Complete College America is a bold national advocate for dramatically increasing college completion rates and closing institutional performance gaps. We work with states, systems, institutions, and partners to scale highly effective structural reforms and promote policies that improve student success.


CCA envisions a nation where all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or familial educational achievement, have equal opportunities to access and complete a college education or credential of value because postsecondary institutions, policy makers, and systems of higher education welcome, invest in, and support these students through and to an on-time completion.


We take a systems approach to transformation in higher education designed to shift policy, change campus conditions, and implement proven strategies.

Shifting Policy

Since our founding in 2009, CCA has shaped a movement of postsecondary leaders committed to making student success the #1 priority of colleges and universities. We strive to change policy by working with state leaders, framing critical issues through data-driven reports, and connecting a national network.

What We Do

  • The CCA Alliance
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Reports & Data

Creating Conditions

We assist state and institutional leaders in creating campuses that are committed to student success. By changing mindsets, aligning stakeholders, and sharing best practices, we support college and university stakeholders as they foster the conditions that increase graduation rates and close institutional performance gaps.

What We Do

  • Workshops
  • Coaching & Support
  • Events & Convenings

Implementing Strategies

There is no one-size-fits all approach to outcomes on college campuses—but there are a number of proven best practices that, when implemented well, significantly move the needle. We help colleges identify gaps, develop plans for action, and implement proven strategies that transform the student experience.

What We Do

  • Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation