Prior to joining Complete College America as a Strategy Director, Nikolas worked as the Associate Director for First-Year and Transition Programs with the Office of Student Success at Georgia State University. In this role, he coordinated, assessed, and scaled all success and retention initiatives for incoming first-year students at the bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, including learning communities, meta-majors, structured schedules, summer bridge, peer mentors, and first-year seminar. In addition to his work in student success, Nikolas spent over five years as a college scheduler where he maintained the academic schedules and master curriculum of a number of departments. To this day, he remains closely involved with all aspects of student registration and course scheduling at the college level.

At CCA, to close institutional performance gaps, Nikolas works on developing and implementing strategies to align choice and purpose with every student’s goals, as well as to restructure systems to facilitate progression to completion. Nikolas has co-led Purpose First pilot project and development of strategies across five states, worked on a number of publications on purpose, and created processes and resources to develop academic and career maps. He works primarily with states in the Southeast region.

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-First-Year Experience
-Academic Maps
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