The State of New Hampshire is committed to ensuring that 65 percent of our residents attain a credential of economic value by the year 2025. New Hampshire recognizes that college completion of high quality academic programs is the economic engine we need to sustain a vibrant state workforce for decades to come. Our state systems – K-12, Community College, and University – partner to achieve this aim, coalescing particularly on CCA Game Changer strategies. These include commitment to ensuring students have clear semester-by-semester pathways for reaching academic and career goals, high expectations for number of courses to take in a semester so students can complete on-time, providing structured schedules and sensible meta majors to help guide purpose-first-driven student decision-making and enrollment, and paying particular attention that students take the appropriate math for their respective majors and if requiring developmental education that they do so under a co-requisite-based model, if at all possible.