Louisiana is experiencing economic growth at historic rates, calling for greater number of highly skilled and educated workers. Though only 28% of Louisiana adults hold an associate degree or higher, workforce projections for 2018 indicate that by 2020, 53% of jobs will require a postsecondary career credential or college degree.  These economic realities called for innovative approaches to produce a more educated and well-trained citizenry.  In 2015, the Board of Regents adopted Elevate Louisiana as an aspirational theme to respond to the challenge.  Key among the Elevate Louisiana initiative is the emphasis on undergraduate education and the need to increase the number of citizens achieving degrees and credentials of value.  Recognizing that students must be provided clearer pathways to timely completion and graduation, Louisiana has implemented several of CCA’s game-changing strategies, including the following statewide initiatives 15 to Finish campaign, co-requisite policy, and an outcomes-based funding formula.

Think 30 Louisiana

Dr. Joseph C. Rallo, Commissioner of Louisiana's Higher Education, discusses "Think 30 Louisiana."