• Degree Maps

    Degree Maps

    Defined as publicly available and widely used visual representations of how every undergraduate major can be completed in two years at the associate level or in four years at the baccalaureate level. Degree maps support individualized advisement with students (both in person and online) and the course planning needs of academic departments.


  • Credit Accumulation Campaigns

    Credit Accumulation Campaigns

    Defined as advisement, communication, and marketing campaigns that broadly promote taking and earning 15 credits/semester (or 30 credits/year including winter and summer) as the new definition of full-time status and the recommended strategy for most students to graduate in a timely manner and maximize their financial aid. Students should also be strongly encouraged to earn at least nine credits in their chosen program path.

  • Gateway Course Completion

    Gateway Course Completion

    Focused on increasing high-impact pre-matriculation interventions to eliminate or significantly reduce remedial need and expanding post- matriculation co-requisite offerings to ensure that more students complete their gateway math and English requirements by the end of their first year. Baccalaureate- seeking students will also be encouraged to complete their gateway courses by the end of their first year.