Momentum Pathways

CCA’s Momentum Pathways Scale Project is an initiative focused on boosting college attainment in states by developing clear pathways amongst participating institutions and implementing evidence-based strategies that help students meet key, first-year benchmarks. As a participating state, Colorado is committed to taking bold action to improve graduation rates and eliminate achievement gaps.

The effort leverages CCA’s Game Changers, data-driven interventions designed to restructure systems, improve student outcomes and eliminate achievement gaps. The Momentum Pathways Scale Project creates a three-year implementation timeline and includes significant structured implementation support from CCA staff and content experts.

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In-State Leadership Meeting 10/09/2018


Institutional Leads will begin to develop a case statement that will demonstrate the need for the strategies, using data and other evidence. The case statement will also identify clear goals for the project, be used to prepare key stakeholders, and be used to secure additional funding and philanthropic support.



Colorado Action Summit 10/26/2018


The Project Team and Institutional Leads will host the event, which is designed to engage, educate and empower Institutional Teams. Institutional Teams will learn about the Momentum Pathways process and key strategies. They will engage with their Institutional Teams, as well as individuals with similar roles from other institutions, and will begin working on a draft implementation plan.



Colorado Planning Academy


The Planning Academy is a two-day event that brings together Institutional Teams, each with an assigned facilitator, to refine implementation plans for each strand of the Momentum Pathways project. Each Academy is customized to meet the unique needs of the project site.

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