Complete College America presents the 2021 edition of CCA Live – Virtual Web Series

Every two weeks, starting in February, CCA will post recordings of the webinars and additional resources related to the relevant strategies. We will continuously update this page and encourage you to bookmark and revisit this site for more information.

February Webinars

Strategy Academic Maps Math Pathways
Presenter(s) Dr. Larry Abele – Provost Emeritus, Florida State University Melodie Baker – National Policy Director, Just Equations

Pamela Burdman – Founder and Executive Director, Just Equations

Transcript of webinar
(transcript is automatically generated by Zoom and may contain errors)
Transcript of webinar
(transcript is automatically generated by Zoom and may contain errors)
Resources Building Academic Maps by Dr. Larry Abele

Essential elements of maps

Larry Abele’s presentation on Academic Maps

Sample Maps

University of Delaware Find Your Major website

Sample sites for employment opportunities

Additional resources by CCA

Don’t Forget Equity When Reforming Postsecondary Math by Pamela Burdman

Math Pathways: The Way Forward by Ashley Jeffrey & Laura Jimenez

A New Era of Student Access at California’s Community Colleges by Marisol Cuellar Meija, Olga Rodriguez & Hans Johnson

Crossing Signals: What College Websites Tell Student about Taking Mathematics by Just Equations

Progress Report on Implementation of AB 705

Improving Developmental and College-Level Mathematics: Prominent Reforms and the Need to Address Equity by Jessica Brathwaite, Maggie P. Fay & Adnan Moussa

The Effects of Corequisite Remediation: Evidence from a Statewide Reform in Tennessee by Florence Xiatao Ran & Yuxin Lin

Impact: Improving Mathematical Prowess and College Teaching by American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges