9 Years. 45 Alliance Members. Significant Results for Students.

Laser-focused on sharing results and taking action, the 2018 Annual Convening featured shorter plenaries, more concurrent sessions, more dedicated time for teams to interact with content experts and with each other, and more focus on building the interventions that will make the greatest difference in participants’ states, systems and institutions.

View the Culture of Completion report, released in tandem with the event, here.

2019 Annual Convening

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Stan Jones Stage Breakout Sessions

  • College Promise Programs: Built for Completion [video]
  • ICYMI: Adult Students Need a Better Deal
  • A Coalition for Change: California’s Successful Strategy to Pass Statewide Corequisite Reform (AB 705) [video]
  • Building Momentum at Minority-Serving Institutions

Day One 12/4/18


  • Strong Start to Finish: Building Momentum for Postsecondary Success [Presentation Slides]
  • Implementing Game Changer Strategies through Effective Project Management [Presentation Slides]
  • Welcome Back: Implementing College Completion Strategies for Returning Students
  • 15 to Finish: The Challenge of Creating A New Culture [Presentation Slides]
  • Scaling What Works: How Higher Education Leaders Can Transform the Completion Culture [Presentation Slides]
  • The Many Dimensions of Implementing Co-requisite Remediation at Scale [Presentation Slides]
  • Changing the Numbers Game: Guided Placement in Mathematics at Utah Valley University
  • New England Institute [Presentation Slides]


  • Communicating to Drive Change: The Power of the “Story” in Student Success Work [Presentation Slides]
  • Clock Your Wins: A How-To Guide on Measuring the Impact of Game Changer Implementations [Presentation Slides]
  • Math Pathways: A Path Forward [Presentation Slides]
  • Purpose First: The Missing Link Between Aligning Career and Guided Pathways [Presentation Slides]
  • Vision to Action: What Making Progress Looks Like
  • “Must-Knows” When Considering Technology
  • Grip It and Rip It: Committing to Corequisite Composition at West Liberty University
  • Leveraging Behavioral Science to Move Students to Completion [Presentation Slides]


Day Two 12/5/18

  • Opening Plenary
    • Overview from CCA staff [video]
    • PANEL: Supporting Students and Dismantling Non-Academic Barriers to Success [video]
    • PANEL: California Corequisite Support [video]


  • Game Changers and the Game Itself – Creating a Culture of Performance Management at Community Colleges [Presentation Slides]
  • Non-Traditionally College-Bound Students: Scaling Up Coordinated Initiatives to Promote their Success [Presentation Slides]
  • Nevada’s Gateway Course Success Initiative [Presentation Slides]
  • 15 to Finish: Campus and State Trends – Can You Do Full Time One Time?
  • Tennessee Reconnect: It’s Not Just Financial Aid – How Increasing Educational Attainment for Adults Requires A Student-Focused Holistic Strategy [Presentation Slides]
  • Starfish by Hobsons: Using Technology to Support Game Changer Implementation
  • Measuring the Impact of the Momentum Year [Presentation Slides]
  • Professional Momentum: How Game Changer Success Drives Career Success
  • Making an Impact at Scale: Academic Advising and Student Success
  • Data Driven Equity: Using National, Student- and Campus-Level Data to Address Completion Gaps Along Racial and Socioeconomic Lines


  • The Impact of Data on Corequisite Math Remediation: Placement, Logistics, Curriculum, and Program Assessment [Presentation Slides]
  • The Future of Data at CCA [Presentation Slides]
  • Ad Astra: Using Technology to Support Game Changer Implementation
  • Taking a Leap: Making a Comeback! [Presentation Slides]
  • Four Reasons All Colleges and Universities Should Be Offering Prior Learning Assessment [Presentation Slides]
  • Scheduling: A Single Overlooked Item that Can Topple Game Changer Implementation [Presentation Slides]
  • EAB: Using Technology to Support Game Changer Implementation
  • Implementing and Evaluating a Large Multi-Institution Proactive Advising Intervention: Interim Findings [Presentation Slides]
  • State Leadership Levers
  • Just Do It: Rapid Implementation of Guided Pathways


  • Closing Plenary

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