Definitions & Limitations:

All remedial data is for first-time entry full-time and part-time students and does not include non-first time students and students who enroll in a remedial course after their first academic year.

Graduation rates for first-time full-time graduation rates across the state within 3 years for associates cohorts and 6 years for bachelors degree cohorts. 200% graduation rates are not available for bachelor’s degree recipients in many states due to data reporting lag.

Clarifications & Cohorts:

  • SD only includes institutions that are part of the Board of Regents
  • MA Does not include any UMass campuses
  • All data is from CCA’s 2016 collection and includes the remedial and credit accumulation cohort from 2012. Graduation rates are from the 2010 associates degree seeking cohort and the 2008 bachelors degree seeking cohort