Charles Ansell has dedicated his career to educational justice and equity. In his current role at Complete College America, Charles uses research to advocate for legislation and resources that help students graduate college, closing socioeconomic, racial or generational disparities that exist in college completion. As the Chief Operating Officer of the Community College System of New Hampshire, Charles directed research, strategy, finance and technology for a statewide system of colleges. In this role, he developed a data and reporting infrastructure that enabled an evidence-driven policy agenda to influence state legislation and appropriations to higher education. A student success agenda drove all projects and operations, resulting in more students graduating college and having career and continued academic success after graduation. Prior to this, Charles led student success efforts at the City Colleges of Chicago. There, he oversaw the development of a pathways program that ensured students enrolled for classes along semester-by-semester plans, aligned with individual academic aspirations. These plans embedded academic readiness requirements in Math and English that innovated traditional developmental education so students did not stall out in coursework that did not count to graduation requirements. Before the City Colleges of Chicago, Charles worked in various positions in higher education administration and information technology. He holds an M.S. in Business Information Technology from DePaul University and a B.A. from Carleton College. He is engaged in numerous local boards devoted to education and workforce.


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