Complete College America’s Content Experts are on the front lines of our efforts around the country, impatiently reforming higher education to further student success and close achievement gaps. As more and more states, consortia, and institutions work toward Game Changer implementation, CCA is increasingly relying on a growing network of Content Experts to provide support to the Alliance. To be considered a Content Expert, one must have implemented one or more of CCA’s Game Changer strategies and have measurable results for these efforts. CCA Content Experts:

  • Possess superior communication skills and are comfortable presenting to large, diverse audiences;
  • Support CCA’s mission by sharing expertise gained through direct work with CCA Game Changer strategies;
  • Share expertise through in-person or virtual presentations, interviews, webinars, blog posts or other professional activities;
  • Develop professional presentation materials for CCA events, including slides, artifacts and other relevant materials;
  • Provide thorough feedback for all attended CCA events;
  • Travel within the United States.