Since launching at the Annual Convening last November, the CCA web platform has brought together over 6,000 monthly users – higher education practitioners, elected officials, nonprofit leaders and student advocates – providing them with the latest updates in the field and the resources needed to implement reforms in their states, regions and institutions.

The web platform is a powerful tool to strengthen our collective work. That’s why, as we continue to effect change for students across the nation, we’ve added more functionality to the platform to enhance these efforts. Here are some of our most recent updates.

The Changemakers

Looking across the top navigation bar on the web platform, you’ll notice a new tab – “Changemakers.” This encompasses several groups listed in a dropdown menu, including The Alliance, CCA Fellows, and a new feature, the Community Directory.

Community Directory

This directory enables platform users to view the entire list of individual profiles on the platform. Users can filter results by an individual’s name, state, organization type, or what strategies the person is currently working on. This directory helps users connect directly with content experts and others who are currently working on or have implemented specific strategies.

Follow Your Favorite Authors

Users can also now follow their favorite authors on the platform. To do so, view the individual’s profile and click the purple plus sign in the top corner of their profile photo. Favorited authors will show up in the “My Content” section of your profile. You can also access their most recent content at the bottom of their individual profile page.

Individual Profiles

The best way to interact with these features and the rest of the content on the web platform is by making an individual profile. If you have not yet done so, just click “sign up” at the top corner of the homepage.

Additionally, adding more information about yourself to your profile, including your state, region and/or institution, and choosing the strategies in which you are interested, will also help you to connect to others and to specific resources that will further your implementation efforts.

Please contact Emily Nelson at with any questions about the web platform.