Agenda Outline

Thursday 12/12Friday 12/13Saturday 12/14 (Post-Conference Workshops)
1:00-2:30pm Opening Plenary 6:30-8:30am Breakfast6:30-8:00am Breakfast
7:15-8:30am Alliance Breakfast (Invitation only) 7:15-8:30am Wisconsin Breakfast (Invitation only)
3:00-4:00pm Breakout Session I8:30-9:15am Morning Plenary8:00am-1:00pm Post-Conference Workshops
4:15-5:15pm Breakout Session II9:30-10:30am Breakout Session III12:00pm Lunch
6:30-9:30pm Dinner and Entertainment at Corona Ranch10:45-11:45am Breakout Session IV1:00pm Workshops end
12:00-1:15pm Luncheon Keynote
1:30-2:30pm Breakout Session V
2:45-4:15pm Closing Keynote

Day One 12/12/19

Opening Plenary

Session I Breakouts

  • Strengthening Guided Pathways and Career Success By Ensuring Students Are Learning
    Tia Brown McNair, Ashley Finley, Evelyn Waiwaiole (AACU)
  • Partnering for a Prosperous Future–The Evolution of 60×30 TX
    Woody Hunt, Jerel Booker, Jenna Cullinane Hege (Hunt Companies, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
  • Moving Colorado Forward: Innovative Approaches to Bringing Developmental Education Reform to Scale
    Kim Poast, Geri Anderson (Colorado Department of Higher Education, Innovative Educators)
  • A Regional Approach to Student Success: Providing Tech-Enabled Coordinated Care
    Teri Longacre, Nicole McDonald, Amanda Johanssen (Houston GPS, EAB)
  • Pathways Rather Than Roadblocks: Rowan University’s Multidimensional Student Success Structure
    Sean Hendricks, Bob Bullard, Beth Rey (Rowan University)
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Possibility Models for Guided Pathways
    LaToya Owens, Nadrea Njoku, DeShawn Preston (UNCF)
  • How Student Success Centers are Accelerating Institutional Transformation
    Nyema Mitchell, Lauren Rittner (Jobs for the Future)
  • Bridging the Gap to Completion For Adults With Some College and No Degree
    Matt Bergman (University of Louisville)
  • Momentum and Mindset: Scale in Georgia
    Tristan Denley, Robert Todd, Jonathan Hull (University System of Georgia)
  • Services that Support a Student-First Culture
    Lauren Gill (Pearson)

Session II Breakouts

  • Fostering Equity Through Holistic Student Supports and Faculty Professional Development
    Ryan Kelsey, Shauna Davis, Jonathan Iuzzini (Achieving the Dream)
  • “15 to Finish” Impact on Institutional Advising Culture and Student Credit Load Behavior
    Mark Boggie, Nanette Romo, Morgan McClincy (Cochise College)
  • Debilitated by Choice: The Purpose First Game Changer to Scale
    James McCoy, Dhanfu Elston (College of Southern Nevada, Complete College America)
  • Developmental Education Redesign: A System-Wide Approach With Significant Results
    Joe Garcia, Landon Pirius (Colorado Community College System)
  • From Guided Pathways to Empowerment: Using Technology to Drive Student Outcomes
    Stacey Moore, Monique Perry, Christina Hubbard (York Technical College, EAB)
  • The State Equity Report Card: Serving Black and Latinx Students Statewide
    Wil Del Pilar (The Education Trust)
  • Unlocking the Door to Degree Completion: Key Strategies to Transform the Returning Adult Experience
    Tracy Robinson, Gini Beran, Michelle Horton (University of Memphis, College Board, Complete Florida)
  • K12 and Higher Education College Completion Strategies and Policies
    Joyce Brown, Kelly Sparks, Greg Darnieder (NPSI)
  • Leveraging Student and Faculty Mindset to Improve Academic Outcomes
    Yoi Tibbets, Tristan Denley (MotivateLabs, University System of Georgia)

Day Two 12/13/19

Morning Plenary

Session III Breakouts

  • Purpose First and Adult Learners
    Jen Groh, Nikolas Huot, Angie Kamath (Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, Complete College America, CUNY)
  • Launch Years: Addressing the Transition From Secondary to Postsecondary Math
    Amy Getz, Ted Coe, Ryan Reyna (University of Texas at Austin, Education Strategy Group)
  • From Low-Hanging Fruit to Cultural Change: Institutionalizing Student Success Through Faculty Engagement
    Kelly Long, Ryan Barone (Colorado State University)
  • Guided Pathways Supporting Latinx Students at Pima Community College
    Nina Corson (Pima Community College)
  • No Matter What Obstacle is Thrown My Way: Student Parents and the Completion Agenda
    Sandy Goodman, Martha Kanter (National College Transition Network, College Promise Campaign)
  • Achieving Change at Scale Through Collaboration: Getting to Know Strong Start to Finish
    Molly Sarubbi, Susan Lopez (Strong Start to Finish)
  • Missouri Guided Pathways Legislation
    Trent Ball (Council for Opportunity and Education)
  • Galvanizing the Campus: Engaging Faculty and Campus Leaders in Reimagining Student Success
    Beth Eckelkamp, Keeta Holmes (University of Missouri – St. Louis)
  • Momentum Year in Action: Maximizing Resources to Increase Retention
    Corley Dennison, Jill Loveless, Sarah Collins (WVHEPC, West Virginia Northern Community College, Ad Astra)
  • Beyond Disaggregated Data
    Eboni Zamani-Gallaher (Office of Community College Research and Leadership)
  • A Purpose First Student Experience: FYE With Student Momentum
    Phil Sisson, Pamela Flaherty, Matthew Olson (Middlesex Community College)

Session IV Breakouts

  • Reimagining Inclusion: New Approaches for Achieving Equitable Student Outcomes
    Christel Perkins (APLU)
  • Apprenticeship Expansion and College Completion: Aligning Purpose First With Career Focused College Completion 
    Ross Gittell (Community College System of New Hampshire)
  • Harnessing the Power of Cross-Sector Networks To Increase College Completion in California’s Inland Empire
    Anne Marie Allen, Sorrel Stielstra, Carlos Ayala (Growing Inland Achievement)
  • Thinking 30 and Beyond: Reimagining the First-Year Student Experience
    Ruth Jackson, Jason Johnson (Langston University)
  • Scaling What Works: Corequisite Models Transform How Texas Institutions Serve Students 
    Suzanne Morales-Vale, Keylan Morgan, Melissa Humphries (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
  • Lessons From the Bully Pulpit: Policy and Political Considerations For Advancing Statewide Completion Policies
    Patrick Sims (Hunt Institute)
  • Changing the Course From Stopping Out to Graduation Achievement Through Data Analysis 
    Cassandra Evans, Dana Prieto, Keisha Lewars, Ricardo Andalzua (John Jay College, CUNY)
  • Serving Latinx Students
    Marla Franco (University of Arizona)
  • Creating Momentum: Incentivizing Degree Completion and Transfer Via Micro-Scholarships 
    Tara Zirkel, Rose Rojas (RaiseMe, Maricopa Community College)
  • Scaling Academic Advising to Affect Change at the State Level
    Charlie Nutt (NACADA)

Session V Breakouts

  • Strategically Partnering to Impact the Success of Students From Low-Income Backgrounds
    Loretta Griffy, Kendra Krolik (Austin Peay State University, College Possible)
  • The EEQ Certification Process: A Model For Aligning Purpose First 
    Aaron Thompson, Ralph Wolff, Mark Arant (Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, Quality Assurance Commons for Higher and Postsecondary Education)
  • Promise With a Purpose
    Martha Kanter, Nancy Zimpher, Yolanda Watson Spiva, Jim Geringer (College Promise, Complete College America)
  • Postsecondary Data Partnership: Better Data for Better Decision-Making
    John Armstrong, Eric Godin, Michelle Blackwell (SHEEO, National Student Clearinghouse)
  • Scaling Proactive Advising: National Findings From the UIA
    Timothy Renick (Georgia State University)
  • Reimagining the Student Experience to Close Achievement Gaps and Improve Outcomes
    April Grommo, Amanda Johanssen (California State University, EAB)
  • Bottom Line: Helping Students Finance College, Helping Colleges Finance Student Success
    Charles Ansell (Community College System of New Hampshire)
  • Strategic and Standardized Redesign of Gateway Mathematics at Miami Dade College
    Roger Blanco (Miami Dade College)
  • “There’s Something Happening Here”: A Workshop on Defining and Communicating What Makes Your Institution Unique
    Austin Dannhaus (Friday)
  • Building Institutional Capacity to Meet Today’s Student Success Challenges
    Ellyn Artis, Penny Carlson (Starfish Hobsons, Penn State University)

Alliance Innovation Stage

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