Agenda Outline

Thursday 12/12Friday 12/13Saturday 12/14 (Post-Conference Workshops)
1:00 - 2:30pm Opening Plenary 6:30-8:30am Breakfast6:30-8:00am Breakfast
3:00-4:00pm Breakout Session I8:30-9:15am Morning Plenary8:00am-1:00pm Post-Conference Workshops
4:15-5:15pm Breakout Session II9:30-10:30am Breakout Session III12:00pm Lunch
6:30-9:30pm Dinner and Entertainment at Corona Ranch10:45-11:45am Breakout Session IV1:00pm Workshops end
12:00-1:15pm Luncheon Keynote
1:30-2:30pm Breakout Session V
2:45-4:15pm Closing Keynote

Day One 12/12/19

Opening Plenary

Session I Breakouts

  • Strengthening Guided Pathways and Career Success By Ensuring Students Are Learning
    Tia Brown McNair, Ashley Finley, Evelyn Waiwaiole (AACU)
  • Moving Colorado Forward: Innovative Approaches to Bringing Developmental Education Reform to Scale
    Kim Poast, Geri Anderson (Colorado Department of Higher Education, Innovative Educators)
  • A Regional Approach to Student Success: Providing Tech-Enabled Coordinated Care
    Teri Longacre, Nicole McDonald, Amanda Johanssen (Houston GPS, EAB)
  • Pathways Rather Than Roadblocks: Rowan University’s Multidimensional Student Success Structure
    Sean Hendricks, Bob Bullard, Beth Rey (Rowan University)
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Possibility Models for Guided Pathways
    LaToya Owens, Nadrea Njoku, DeShawn Preston (UNCF)
  • How Student Success Centers are Accelerating Institutional Transformation
    Nyema Mitchell, Lauren Rittner (Jobs for the Future)
  • Bridging the Gap to Completion For Adults With Some College and No Degree
    Matt Bergman (University of Louisville)
  • Momentum Approach
    Tristan Denley, Robert Todd, Jonathan Hull (University System of Georgia)

Session II Breakouts

  • Fostering Equity Through Holistic Student Supports and Faculty Professional Development
    Ryan Kelsey, Shauna Davis, Jonathan Iuzzini (Achieving the Dream)
  • “15 to Finish” Impact on Institutional Advising Culture and Student Credit Load Behavior
    Mark Boggie, Nanette Romo, Morgan McClincy, Travis Ambrose (Cochise College)
  • Debilitated by Choice: The Purpose First Game Changer to Scale
    James McCoy, Dhanfu Elston (College of Southern Nevada, Complete College America)
  • Developmental Education Redesign: A System-Wide Approach With Significant Results
    Joe Garcia, Landon Pirius (Colorado Community College System)
  • From Guided Pathways to Empowerment: Using Technology to Drive Student Outcomes
    Stacey Moore, Monique Perry, Christina Hubbard (York Technical College, EAB)
  • The State Equity Report Card: Serving Black and Latinx Students Statewide
    Wil Del Pilar (The Education Trust)
  • Unlocking the Door to Degree Completion: Key Strategies to Transform the Returning Adult Experience
    Tracy Robinson, Gini Beran, Michelle Horton (University of Memphis, College Board, Complete Florida)
  • K12 and Higher Education College Completion Strategies and Policies
    Joyce Brown, Kelly Sparks, Greg Darnieder (NPSI)

Day Two 12/13/19

Morning Plenary

Session III Breakouts

  • Purpose First and Adult Learners
    Jen Groh, Nikolas Huot (Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, Complete College America)
  • Launch Years: Addressing the Transition From Secondary to Postsecondary Math
    Amy Getz, Ted Coe, Ryan Reyna (University of Texas at Austin, Education Strategy Group)
  • From Low-Hanging Fruit to Cultural Change: Institutionalizing Student Success Through Faculty Engagement
    Kelly Long, Ryan Barone (Colorado State University)
  • Guided Pathways Supporting Latinx Students at Pima Community College
    Nina Corson (Pima Community College)
  • No Matter What Obstacle is Thrown My Way: Student Parents and the Completion Agenda
    Sandy Goodman, Martha Kanter (National College Transition Network, College Promise Campaign)
  • Achieving Change at Scale Through Collaboration: Getting to Know Strong Start to Finish
    Chris Mullin (Strong Start to Finish)
  • Galvanizing the Campus: Engaging Faculty and Campus Leaders in Reimagining Student Success
    Beth Eckelkamp, Keeta Holmes (University of Missouri – St. Louis)
  • Momentum Year in Action: Maximizing Resources to Increase Retention
    Corley Dennison, Jill Loveless, Sarah Collins (WVHEPC, West Virginia Northern Community College, Ad Astra)
  • Beyond Disaggregated Data
    Eboni Zamani-Gallaher (Office of Community College Research and Leadership)
  • A Purpose First Student Experience: FYE With Student Momentum
    Phil Sisson, Pamela Flaherty, Matthew Olson (Middlesex Community College)

Session IV Breakouts

  • Reimagining Inclusion: New Approaches for Achieving Equitable Student Outcomes
    Christel Perkins (APLU)
  • Apprenticeship Expansion and College Completion: Aligning Purpose First With Career Focused College Completion 
    Ross Gittell (Community College System of New Hampshire)
  • Harnessing the Power of Cross-Sector Networks To Increase College Completion in California’s Inland Empire
    Anne Marie Allen, Sorrel Stielstra, Carlos Ayala (Growing Inland Achievement)
  • Thinking 30 and Beyond: Reimagining the First-Year Student Experience
    Ruth Jackson, Jason Johnson (Langston University)
  • Scaling What Works: Corequisite Models Transform How Texas Institutions Serve Students 
    Suzanne Morales-Vale, Keylan Morgan, Melissa Humphries (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
  • Lessons From the Bully Pulpit: Policy and Political Considerations For Advancing Statewide Completion Policies
    Patrick Sims (Hunt Institute)
  • Changing the Course From Stopping Out to Graduation Achievement Through Data Analysis 
    Cassandra Evans, Dana Prieto, Keisha Lewars, Ricardo Andalzua (John Jay College, CUNY)
  • Serving Latinx Students
    Marla Franco (Excelencia! Education, University of Arizona, Arizona State University)
  • Creating Momentum: Incentivizing Degree Completion and Transfer Via Micro-Scholarships 
    Tara Zirkel, Ross Rojas (RaiseMe, Maricopa Community College)
  • Advising Redesign: Solution Network
    Charlie Nutt (NACADA)

Session V Breakouts

  • Strategically Partnering to Impact the Success of Students From Low-Income Backgrounds
    Loretta Griffy, Kendra Krolik (Austin Peay State University, College Possible)
  • The EEQ Certification Process: A Model For Aligning Purpose First 
    Aaron Thompson, Ralph Wolff, Mark Arant (Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, Quality Assurance Commons for Higher and Postsecondary Education)
  • Promise With a Purpose
    Martha Kanter, Nancy Zimpher, Yolanda Watson Spiva, Jim Geringer (College Promise, Complete College America)
  • Postsecondary Data Partnership: Better Data for Better Decision-Making
    John Armstrong, Eric Godin, Michelle Blackwell (SHEEO, National Student Clearinghouse)
  • Scaling Proactive Advising: National Findings From the UIA
    Anna Drake Warshaw, Derrick Tillman-Kelly (University Innovation Alliance)
  • Reimagining the Student Experience to Close Achievement Gaps and Improve Outcomes
    April Grommo, Amanda Johanssen (California State University, EAB)
  • Bottom Line: Helping Students Finance College, Helping Colleges Finance Student Success
    Charles Ansell (Community College System of New Hampshire)
  • Strategic and Standardized Redesign of Gateway Mathematics at Miami Dade College
    Roger Blanco and Andrew Koch (Miami Dade College)
  • Measuring the ROI of Corequisite Support at Two Institutions in West Viriginia
    Jeremy Larance, Chad Crumbaker, Cory Campbell, Philip Cola (West Liberty University, West Virginia University at Parkersburg, Indiana State University, Case Western Reserve University)
  • “There’s Something Happening Here”: A Workshop on Defining and Communicating What Makes Your Institution Unique
    Austin Dannhaus, Elizabeth Cameron (Friday)

Stan Jones Stage

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