Through a mix of multi-state reports, issue briefs, event presentations, and other resources, our goal is to help build widespread public understanding and support of the game changers that will make it possible for all students to complete a credential or college degree.

CCA Reports | Non-CCA Reports

New Rules: Policies to Strengthen and Scale the Game Changers

Complete College America (November 2016)

New Rules: Detailed Policy Language

Complete College America (November 2016)

Corequisite Remediation: Spanning the Completion Divide

Complete College America (January 2016)

Core Principles for Transforming Remediation: A Joint Statement

Complete College America (November 2015)

Four-Year Myth

Complete College America (December 2014)

The Game Changers

Complete College America (Fall 2013)

Complete College Texas Report

Complete College America (Spring 2013)

Guided Pathways to Success (GPS): Boosting College Completion

Complete College America (Winter 2012)

Guided Pathways to Success: Summary

Complete College America (Winter 2012)

Remediation: Higher Education’s Bridge to Nowhere

Complete College America (Spring 2012)

Time Is the Enemy of Graduation

Complete College America (Fall 2011)

Three Policies to Reduce Time to Degree; Resource Kit

Nate Johnson, HCM Strategists, for Complete College America (February 2011)

Certificates Count: An Analysis of Sub-Baccalaureate Certificates

Brian Bosworth, FutureWorks, for Complete College America (December 2010)

No Time to Waste: Policy Recommendations for Increasing College Completion

Southern Regional Education Board (September 2010)

Opportunity Adrift: Our Flagship Universities Are Straying from Their Public Mission

Kati Haycock, Mary Lynch & Jennifer Engle, The Education Trust (January 2010)

Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements through 2018

Anthony Carnevale, Nicole Smith & Jeff Strohl; Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2010)

Calculating Cost-Return for Investments in Student Success

The Delta Cost Project and Jobs for the Future (December 2009)

Charting a Necessary Path: The Baseline Report of the Access to Success Initiative

National Association of System Heads (NASH) and The Education Trust (December 2009)

CCA Briefs | Non-CCA Briefs
Data Snapshot: 15 to Finish

Complete College America (April 2017)

Serving the Equity Imperative

Complete College America/SHEEO (2016)

Outcomes-Based Funding: Taking Stock

Dennis Jones, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, for Complete College America (November 2016)

On-Time Pell: Maintain Access, Ensure Completion

Complete College America (2016)

Common College Completion Metrics Technical Guide

Complete College America (2014)

Assessing and Improving State Postsecondary Data Systems

Complete College America/SHEEO (2016)

Promoting Gateway Course Success: Scaling Corequisite Academic Support

Bruce Vandal, Complete College America (May 2014)

How Full-Time are “Full-Time” Students?

Complete College America, Postsecondary Analytics (October 2013)

State Financial Aid Programs and Full-Time Attendance

Complete College America, Postsecondary Analytics (October 2013)

Outcomes-Based Funding: The Wave of Implementation

Dennis Jones, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, for Complete College America (October 2013)

KNOW THIS: Program Requirements – A National Survey

Complete College America (October 2013)

The Power of 15 Credits

Complete College America (Spring 2013)

Core Principles for Transforming Remedial Education: A Joint Statement

Charles A. Dana Center, Complete College America, Inc., Education Commission of the States, Jobs for the Future (December 2012)

THINK THIS: Performance Funding – From Idea to Action

Dennis Jones, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, for Complete College America (Spring 2012)

Freedom to Fail? The Board’s Role in Reducing College Dropout Rates

Stan Jones, Complete College America, Trusteeship Magazine (January/February 2011)

A Working Model for Student Success: The Tennessee Technology Centers

John Hoops, FutureWorks, for Complete College America (June 2010)

White House Briefing: Community College Summit

Complete College America (2010)

Building and Strengthening State Data Systems to Measure Community College and Workforce Outcomes

Jennifer Phillips, The Working Poor Families Project (Fall 2009)

Rethinking Developmental Education in Community College

Thomas Bailey, Community College Research Center, CCRC Brief No. 40 (February 2009)

Improving Student Success by Strengthening Developmental Education in Community Colleges: The Role of State Policy

Derek V. Price and Brandon Roberts, The Working Poor Families Project (Winter 2008-09)

Community College: The Unfinished Revolution

James E. Rosenbaum, Julie Redline, Jennifer L. Stephan (Summer 2007)

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New Thinking for a New Majority


Complete College America (Fall 2011)





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