Blog Series

University of Colorado Boulder Marketing Professor Laura Kornish and her colleagues wanted the Leeds School of Business math curriculum to build foundations based on real business contexts. As a result, they completely restructured the curriculum to mimic the way business professionals encounter math – lurking in settings filled with data, unframed by prescribed methods, amenable to many different solution approaches.

Read Laura’s blog series:

  1. Student-Centered Mathematics: Redesigning Business Math
  2. Student-Centered Mathematics: Getting Buy-In From Business Faculty
  3. Student-Centered Mathematics: Structure of the Class and Tracking Student Progress
  4. Student-Centered Mathematics: Equity


Student-Centered Mathematics: Redesigning Business Math Webinar


This webinar features three University of Colorado faculty members – Elizabeth “Boo” Grulke and Dee Dee Shaulis from the Department of Mathematics, and Laura Kornish from the Leeds School of Business – in a discussion of how they remade their institution’s required math class for business students, and have scaled it to serve over 1,500 students per year.

Panelists also cover some of the unanticipated benefits of the application- and data-driven course: participation and performance data that feeds an early warning system for academic trouble, and alignment with the school’s diversity efforts.