Day 1 — 11/29/17

Pre-Convening Sessions

  • Complete College America 101 [Presentation]
  • MSI Pre-Convening Session [Presentation]
  • Georgia: Complete College Georgia – The Power of a Committed Team [Presentation]
  • Hawaii: Going All In on Game Changers in the Island State [Presentation]
  • Houston: Using the Power of a City to Catalyze a College Completion Movement [Presentation]
  • Indiana: From Ambitious Goals to Reality – Boosting College Completion and Closing Achievement Gaps [Presentation]
  • Tennessee: The Drive to 55 – Mobilizing the Attainment and Completion Agenda [Presentation]
  • West Virginia: Shaping State Policy for Rapid Implementation of Corequisite Math and English [Presentation]

Day 2 — 11/30/17

Plenary Session

  • Opening Remarks – Tom Sugar [Video]
  • Keynote: Dream Hoarders or Dream Makers: Accepting Our Responsibility – Richard Reeves [Presentation] [Video]
  • Panel: Owning Access to the American Dream [Video]
  • Speaker: From Many States, One Dream – Joe Garcia [Video]
  • Panel: Providing the Tennessee Dream At Scale [Video]
  • 2017 Technology Seal of Approval Presentation [Video]
  • Speaker: Purpose First: Starting with the Dream in Mind – Dhanfu Elston [Presentation] [Video]
  • Panel: Purpose First Partners [Video]
  • A New American Academy [Video]

Concurrent Sessions

  • Advising and Student Affairs at the Center of Completion Momentum [Presentation]
  • Choice and the Power of First-Year Momentum [Presentation]
  • Multiple Measures Placement [Presentation]
  • Seal of Approval Overview and 2018 Program Details [Presentation]
  • The Evidence Base – Emerging Research on Serving Returning Adults [Handout Materials]
  • Using Design and Communications to Drive Change [Coming Soon]
  • Faculty Professional Development – Corequisite Support [Presentation]
  • Launching a Campus Plan for Early Focus on Career Success [Presentation]
  • Making the System-Wide Case on Coreq and Math Pathways [Presentation]
  • Turning the Equity Scaling Standard into Action [Coming Soon]
  • What the Heck is Andragogy? How Adults Learn Differently [Presentation]

Day 3 — 12/1/17

Plenary Session

  • My American Dream – Monika Mala [Video]
  • Speaker: Momentum Pathways – Bruce Vandal [Presentation] [Video]
  • Panel: Momentum Pathways Leaders [Presentation] [Video]
  • My American Dream – Jimmie McMillan [Video]
  • Speaker: Providing Returning Adults a Second Chance at the Dream – Sarah Ancel [Presentation] [Video]
  • Student Voices: Providing a Better Deal for Returning Adults [Video]
  • Panel: Leaders in Serving Adult Students [Presentation] [Video]
  • Speaker – Mildred Otero [Video]
  • Speaker: Unveiling CCA’s New Web Platform – Blake Johnson [Video]
  • Closing Remarks – Governor Jim Geringer [Video]