Purpose First National Convening #2
June 8-9, 2017; Indianapolis
  • Purpose First National¬†Convening #2 Agenda (Document)
  • Purpose First Introduction¬†– Dhanfu Elston, CCA (PowerPoint)
  • Purpose First Goals and Objectives – Dale Allen, Consultant (PowerPoint)
  • NACADA: The Global Advising Community – Wendy Troxel (PowerPoint)
  • NCDA – Paul Timmins (PowerPoint)
  • Purpose First: Measuring Impact – Katie Zaback, CCA (PowerPoint)
  • Exemplar Practice: IUPUI – Maureen E. Kinney, Jennifer Schott, and Mikki Jeschke (PowerPoint)
  • Creating More Equitable Outcomes in Career/Workforce Development – Nicole Smith, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (PowerPoint)
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