September 6, 2017

CCA Statement on New Center for American Progress Report Exploring Part-Time Students

Complete College America released today the following statement from organization president Tom Sugar in response to Hidden in Plain Sight, a new report from the Center for American progress that explores part-time students in America:

American higher education is failing part-time students, and our country’s efforts to permanently close achievement gaps and boost college attainment are suffering because of it,” said Sugar. “For too long, students with complicated lives have been told they need to change, picking up classes when they can and greatly extending the time it takes to earn a degree. Instead, colleges should be asking what they can do to better serve these students. The path forward is clear: strategies can be implemented right now to boost student momentum, increase credit accumulation, and make possible full-time enrollment for many more students, dramatically increasing their likelihood of success. Let’s get on with it.

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