2016 Annual Convening
November 10-11, 2016; San Francisco


  • Momentum 2016 Agenda (Document)
  • Momentum 2016 Photo Gallery (Album)


  • Opening Remarks | P=MV: The Mass and Velocity for Student Success (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Panel – The Momentum Year (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Metrics Moment – The Overview (PowerPoint)
  • Special Guest – Kim Hunter Reed, Deputy Undersecretary of Education, U.S. Department of Education (Video)
  • Action Stories – Momentum in Math and English (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Metrics Moment – Corequisite Remediation and Math Pathways (PowerPoint)
  • Panel: Gateway Course Success and the Power of Momentum in Math and English (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • 15 to Finish Campaign (Video) (Additional Materials)
  • Action Story – Momentum to Graduate On Time (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Metrics Moment – 15 to Finish (PowerPoint)
  • Panel – Early Momentum through #15toFinish and Purpose First (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Keynote – John Gardner, Gardner Institute (PowerPoint) (Video)


  • Action Story – Guilford Tech (Video)
  • Metrics Moment – Structured Schedules (PowerPoint)
  • Panel – Adding Velocity and Facilitating Momentum with Structured Schedules (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Awards – Momentum through Technology: GPS Seal of Approval (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Awards – The President’s Award (Video)
  • Action Story – Houston GPS (Video)
  • Action Story – Our Most Diverse City, United by Completion (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Metrics Moment – GPS (PowerPoint)
  • Panel – Guided Momentum for a Million Students (PowerPoint) (Video)
  • Keynote – Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., Thurgood Marshall College Fund (PowerPoint) (Video)
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